Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Was Edgar Allen Poe a yellow marshmallow bunny?

No, the mighty Poe was never a yellow bunny during his lifetime. He was, however, depicted as such by yours truly in a very recent contest sponsored by the company that manufactures Peeps marshmallow bunnies. The photos above are the ones submitted to the contest. The brokenhearted bunny Poe is gazing at his lost Lenore, while the, made from marshmallow, raven nags from the couch with his "nevermore" harping. I tried to make the scene as dark and gothic victorian as I could, considering the subject was a yellow bunny. The photo below shows the real, plastic, Poe confronting the bunny interloper.

Finally, after getting the bunny to leave, Poe sadly reaches for his lost Lenore,

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  1. How old is Lady Mechanic? A real glimpse into the past-your work is sensational