Thursday, March 5, 2015

Artist loft and Spring?

I have done a little work on the artist studio in the "in process" art gallery. I used my iPhone 6 camera, and it is not the best, but it still picks up how color changes with different lighting. (Don't worry, I am not going to ask what color is the blue dress.). My mother (professional artist) painted the two paintings leaning up against the wall (not the one on the easel). In the photo above, the red stands out in the paintings.

In this photo, the blues are luminescent.

With stronger lighting, all of the colors in the paintings spring out.

Here's where my miniature artist eventually will sit and contemplate the city skyline.


In two weeks the National Capitol Cherry Blossom Festival will begin. This is what visitors to D.C. will expect to see:

This is the view from my living room today (I live six miles from D.C.):

Wishing you only good things, Neen


  1. Hi Neen! It's a pity that the colors of your paintings don't look very well on your blog. I think it is because of the color blue/purple, this color is often very hard to catch by a camera, I don't know why it is, but it happens often.
    I've seen the international weatherforecast on the tv and I've heard about the huge snowfall in your area. I'm afraid that it doesn't look like spring for awhile!
    Despite of the snowfall I wish you a warm and cosy weekend!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. Thank you Ilona. I think the fault is with the camera. I can't determine what camera is the best for shooting photos of miniatures. Help! The snow keeps on falling.... Thanks again for your comment.

    Neen xx

  3. Think of All of those lost tourist dollars. Here on the Canadian west coast, our Cherry blossoms have been in full bloom for well over a week and many spring bulbs are already up and in flower. It has been so unusually warm, that the tourist dollars that have depended on the snow have basically already melted away.
    Your artist's loft has a terrific view of the city and the grid-work window has a bit of an industrial feel to it, which gives your loft a touch of bohemian flavor. How Marvelous to have some of your mother's artwork included in the scene. It makes your display even more personal doesn't it? The lamp, the paint palette and the loose sketch on the floor are also a great touch, but where is the MUST HAVE messy paint rag? :D


    1. Hi Elizabeth, I am jealous of your spring weather! I am very tired of snow and ice. The Washington D.C. area is supposed to have mild winters. The summers here were so hot, humid and long, the British used to pay diplomats stationed here the same hazard pay as it paid for being stationed in hot, tropical countries. Weather goes through cycles, and this cycle is definitely not my favorite.

      Thank you for your insightful and lovely comments on the loft. There is a rag with paint on it, but it definitely is not messy enough. I also need to add more paint tubes, and more jars with brushes, and cleaner. I also need to get some paint on the floor, walls and easel. Then it will truly be an artist's studio! Thanks again for your uplifting comment! xx

  4. When you click on the photos the definition is much better. Does your Mum name her pictures? I would love to know her inspiration when she's painting.
    I'm no expert in photography - I use an auto white balance setting if I take pictures inside when there is a mix of daylight and lamp light. I would love to live in a loft like this =0)

    1. Your comments always make think about my "art work." You clearly put much thought, time and effort into your work. This is why your photos are always perfect, and why your work shines through without any distraction.

      I know it is time for me to get a good camera. It is long overdue.

      The most distinctive feature of my mother's art work is her use of colors. When one of her full size paintings is hung on a wall, it lights up the room. I think her inspiration is color. When she shows her full size work, she often names her paintings. Other times, especially with the miniatures, she wants the owner to tell her what to name it (what they see in the painting).

      I also want to live in that loft, in the middle of a vibrant city! Thank you for your very thoughtful, lovely comment! xx