Friday, July 5, 2013

Ikea weighs in with a new line of miniature furniture

I know I have been somewhat MIA lately, but that is nasty side effect of job, family, life, you name it. An email from Dornob just flashed on my computer screen and I thought you guys would be interested.

It seems that Ikea is launching a line of modern mini furniture, called "Huset."

The line "will provide replicas of a few of Ikea's best seller, such as the Lack table, Expedit bookcase, Klippan sofa and Vago chair."

According to Ikea, "the packaging for the set will include 2D illustrations of background items such as clocks, windows, books and picture frames that can be attached to the walls of a doll house to further deck out the miniature domicile."

Although I have to admit that I am disappointed that the line contains so few pieces, it is still good news for those of us that want more modern furniture in miniature as we prepare our contest entries.

Expect more posts from me soon!

Wishing you only good things, Neen