Monday, October 13, 2014

My ineffable effable effanineffable deep and inscrutable cat*

It's been a rough few months in this small sector of the universe. In April, my cat, Cleo, got very ill and, on August 1, she got her wings. Like most Devon Rexes, she was never an ordinary cat. She managed to telephone strangers at 4 am, send faxes, open doors, pull heat registers off of the walls so she could explore the air ducts, type long documents on the computer consisting of thousands of consonants and dollar signs, empty drawers, pull dresses off hangers to use as pillows, groom her stuffed kittens daily, watch over her brother cat, and stay loyally by my side for 14 1/2 years. She is very, very missed.

I will be back to blogging about miniatures soon. I bought an Antrim house kit from an estate sale some months ago.

I hope to use its Bauhaus-influenced, architectural bones to create a 1920s/30s modernist house over the next year or so. Perhaps along these lines:

Wishing you only good things, Neen

* Thank you, T.S. Elliott.