Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Napkin rings

A miniaturist views everyday objects with a different eye than a non-miniaturist. Turn a miniaturist loose in a thrift or dollar store, and he or she will find the makings of a miniature world. For example, this bag of Dollar Tree silver-plastic napkin rings

looks like this to me (the blue glasses are from eBay, and the other items are Re-ment and Dollar Tree):

I deliberately made the "shelves" crooked since their shape is reminiscent of 1960s retro-futurism.

Like these:

I found these wooden napkin rings at a thrift store:

I think both sets of napkins rings make interesting shelves in my still-under-construction urban loft:

(Paintings by my mother, and the beautiful Elizabeth Causeret vase was a wonderful gift from Mitchymoo. The table in the middle is composed of clear, stacked sewing machine bobbins.)

Wishing you only good things, Neen