Friday, April 10, 2015

Inspired by Miss Pickerel

Thanks to Ellen MacGregor, I spent many hours with Miss Pickerel when I was a child. Miss Pickerel and I went to Mars and the Moon, to name just two of our destinations.

I didn't set out to travel to outer space today, I wanted to create a scene around Megan Hornbecker's Cubed Art Sculpture that I purchased from her Shapeways store. The Cubed Art Sculpture is very futuristic.

As I was building my scene, Miss Pickerel came to visit. She asked "why not set your scene on the moon, after all, I traveled there, and you are using my living room." She was right, I wanted to contrast the Cubed Art Sculpture with something very different, and I had borrowed Miss Pickerel's (and Miss Marple's) interior decor, right down to the lived-in armchair and the suit of armor.

Writers often write about how their characters actual write their story. I have had more than one author tell me that they are often surprised where the characters lead them. That experience happened to me today. I started to create a futuristic interior around Megan's Cubed Art Sculpture, and I ended up in space, in Miss Pickerel's living room, with her cats......

Wishing you only good things,

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Giveaway winners

Thank you all for participating in my three-year anniversary giveaway, or, if you decided not to participate, for your lovely words of encouragement.

Here is the list of the seven winners in the order in which their names were chosen:

Diva from Downunder
Mad for Mod
The grandmommy

Please email me your mailing information. My email address is If you didn't list the book you wanted in your comment, plus two alternatives, please send it in the email.

Thanks again for participating and for following my blog!

Wishing you only good things, Neen