Monday, December 22, 2014

Fluorescent light covers

Have you ever looked up at the office, store or hospital ceiling and seen this?

Not very pretty is it? And those lights- my eyes! Hate the lights, love the covers. I used parts of one in my still-under construction, urban loft.
It still needs much finishing work,

I probably will paint them, and also use the remaining pieces of the light cover in other ways in other projects. On, I found this:

I love the color against the darker wood floors.

The light covers might also be useful in an urban garden, perhaps as the basis of a trestle. These photos of 1920s NYC gardens inspire me:

The photo below looks very much like the garden my grandmother had in her Brooklyn brownstone:

Sigh, so much inspiration, so little time!

Wishing you only good things, Neen

(Garden photos found at


  1. Oooooo clever. Love the high tech look then the cleverness of making trellis. Good eye! CM

    1. Thanks! I wish I had more time to create my inspirations in miniature!

  2. Very clever uses for the covers! I especially love the garden idea.

    1. Thank you Lisa T! I know that gardens still exist all over NYC, but these 1920s gardens have a "secret garden" mystery to them. My next project!