Monday, December 10, 2012

More Art Deco

I thought I would add a few more photos of Lempicka's 1930s Parisian apartment,

You can see the burled wood paneling better in this recent photo of the same apartment,

The doors from a 1930s photo,

The doors today and the apartment today,

The staircase,

Wishing you only good things, Neen


  1. stunning place, especially the staircase, very guggenhiem-esq and timeless x

  2. Yes! A friend told me that Art Deco was coming back. My response was, it never left. Lempicka's apartment is still modern, and the stairs, the door, and the wall of windows are still breath taking. Thank you, Max, great comment!

  3. That shot of the stairs is fab! I'm so glad they didn't change the place much (as many people do) and left the wonderful details,

  4. I know! I have never understood the need to pave over wonderful design. I will be posting more photos of beautiful, old Art Deco apartments. Thanks for the insightful comment!

  5. Yes, it is so great they didn't remodel! When something is done truly beautifully, it will always be beautiful. I wish everyone would just let period styles be period styles and not call them "dated" and replace them with the newest thing. Oh, fads and trends...they are one of my biggest pet peeves, sorry for the venting. :)

    SO excited that you are doing an Art Deco house for the contest. We don't see enough of the style any more.

  6. Thanks Christina! I am enjoying the research, planning and building of the house. It is sad that we have lost so many architectural treasures. Next to too many photos of beautiful houses from the past is the word "demolished."

  7. Wonderful, the design is more modernist than deco. In 30´s the influence of Eileen gray, corbusier, maleet stevens, bauhaus is very strong. But Ruhlmann, Leleu, Pierre Patout and the french´s 1925 art deco glamour are more representative and beautifull for me.