Monday, April 23, 2012

The incredible shrinking room

My Mini Mod Pod set out a challenge "to take a picture from your favorite catalog, magazine or even online pic and replicate it in miniature." Inspired by that challenge, and deciding that I was going to finally learn to post photos on this blog, I have narrowed my "inspiration rooms" to the following pictures.
Bubbles of Luxury.

It stands to reason that, if a person loves miniature houses, that person will also love portable, real, little houses, and I am that person, I mean, I am one of those persons. The full story on the Bubbles of Luxury set out below, can be found at, which has a section devoted to portable architecture.

Clearly, privacy would be an issue if these bubbles were inflated in an urban area, but they would be great for camping in a remote area, like on the empty beach above. How do I recreate these bubble-rooms in miniature? Possibly by reducing the scale considerably and using CB2's "Whirly Hanging Tealight" ornament.

Eggs-actly also published an article on the following egg-like mini rooms that can be used for min-libraries or mini-offices and the like in larger spaces. I love the concept and would love to try and create one in miniature.

Mid-Century Modern
Mid-Century Modern architecture and interior decorating began in the 1930s and ended in the late 1960s. I am inspired by its clean lines, bold colors and patterns, and arrogant styling (arrogant only because it was pushing the envelope). Here are a few of my MCM inspiration rooms.

(Photos from Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book, 1956)
There are a few more rooms that inspire me and which I may recreate in miniature. I will post those later in the week. Thank you for following this blog. Even if there is nobody out there listening to my rambles, I enjoy putting my thoughts on paper.


  1. Neen, those are really neat! I want the tree house! Love it. The egg shaped ones remind me of the wicker pod chair that I did in mini a while ago.

    I think that your idea is a good one. I have seen somewhere, a hanging terrarium that would be about the right size for what you want to do in 1/12. Good luck.

  2. Thanks Casey, I remember your egg-shaped wicker chair; it was brilliant, and a lot of work for you! I love these portable houses, and I am going to mention some different ones in upcoming posts. It will be fun to make them in miniature. (And there is an effort to make them affordable so they can be used as emergency housing (not the transparent ones :)) for families that are left homeless by disasters (like Katrina)).

    Maybe we can get Tessie to model in one of miniature bubble houses!

  3. So cool. I love the inspiration prints. Can't wait to see what you come up with. GOOD LUCK!! Thanks for all of the eye candy. :D