Sunday, October 6, 2013

Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Contest 2014

Hello friends,

I have been out of action due to a family member's serious illness, and I have really missed blogging, and reading your blogs. I hope to be able to post new blogs every week or so, including blogs about my entry into the Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Contest of 2014. This is a wonderful contest that I participated in earlier this year (click here to view my posts on the contest). The Amazing Christina, with her blog, The Little Victorian, did a fabulous job with the first contest, and the second contest details are even more spectacular! Click here to read all about this contest.

My entry in the last contest was an Art Deco House fashioned from a 1930s vintage radio cabinet.

The house has been changed a little; here it is after a recent party held by its residents:

(The bar and champagne glass stool are new, and there have been some changes to the furniture.)

I went back in time by almost a century for my last entry, and in this entry I will be tackling something that may be built a century in the future. Those of you who have followed my blog for the past twenty months or so, know that I love cutting edge modernism whether that cutting edge was in 1920 or 1960. For example in Future Perfect, I featured these pictures:

My fascination with cutting edge futurism is very much connected with my love of astronomy and a hope that someday we will be able to explore outer space. So, where I am going with this? I intend to build a cocktail lounge, with an attached small house, and the design will be a guess at architecture and interior design 100 years from now, perhaps in this Undersized Urbanite environment:

Or this one

My entry, of course, is not built yet. I have a few kits to bash, and some wood and plexiglass. My blogs (which will be tagged at the contest website-or vice versa) will depict my progress.

Here are a few photos I took as I was trying to plan my future cocktail lounge, they are not much, but they do show the direction I am heading (the scale here is 1:16, and I intend to keep the project in this scale):

Wishing you only good things, Neen


  1. Hi Neen! It sounds a little like George Jetson's view of the world!:)) This should prove to be most interesting!
    All the best to you as you begin this ambitious project!


    1. I love the Jetsons! I am going to try to avoid their world, however, I really want to try and figure out what modern will look like in the future. (But my Rosie the Robot may have a cameo). Thanks for commenting!

  2. I remember following your art deco house when you were doing it for the contest. I love the lighting in it, so effective. As for your new contest entry that is going to be so exciting to watch. It is something a bit different and you can really tap into your imagination as you are not basing it on a historic period. I look forward to watching the project evolve.

    1. Thanks! I hope I am able to design and build something that is artistically futuristic. Thank goodness I have seven months!

  3. Thank you, Neen, you are such a sweetheart! :) Really looking forward to following this new project, I love how fun and unique your ideas are.

    1. Thanks Christina, it is so rewarding and so much fun to build a miniature house as part of a group effort! Thanks again for making sure there is a contest!