Wednesday, January 23, 2013


As do many of you miniaturists, I spend hours reading design books and magazines. I have shelves of books on Art Deco and MidCentury Modern design, my favorites, many of the books original to the period. My den is full of Architectural Digests, and other decor and miniature-focused magazines and catalogs. Like you, I am frustrated that the architecture and design industry focuses so little on miniature design and decor. Until it does, we have marvelous blogs and inspiring, creative individuals to fill the gap.

I think you will agree that Cyd is one of those individuals. Her blog features her amazing designs such as her entry in HBS's "Creatin Contest." Take a look:

Her avant garde entry has received an honorable mention. Congratulations Cyd! I would love to see her house featured in Architectural Digest or a similar magazine.

There are other mini designers that inspire me, and I will tell you about them in future posts. In the meantime, stay creative and enjoy the art!

Wishing you only good things, Neen


  1. Maybe you could start a Modern Mini Magazine! MMM! I'd subscribe. I love blogs, but nothing compares to a magazine, and it is sad that so many of my favorites are folding.

    1. It would be cool, but, alas, I lack the time. I share your sadness on the folding of magazines. Thanks for commenting, you have provided food for thought!

  2. A Modern Mini Magazine would be really fantastic to have :) Jess! I`d subscribe also...
    I Love the blogworld but it would be so cool to have MMM :)
    That House is gorgeous!

    1. Kikka, Thanks for commenting! There is a wonderful collaborative magazine called "Dollhouses, Past and Present" that comes out quarterly. I am sure the editor, Rebecca, would be pleased to have more articles on mini moderns. It would be great, however, to have an MMM magazine! (Fantastic name Linda!)

  3. Hi Neen,
    I'm so flattered that you featured my house on your blog. You always have the kindest and most artistic things to say. Thanks! I also think a mini modern mag would be great!

  4. Thanks for the nice comment, Cyd, after reading so many design books and mags it seems clear that our hobby can be more art than toy. Your designs prove it!

    Best, Neen