Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rich After

Here is the Rich Toys house after the white Popsicle stick shingles and the one inch thick carpet had been gently removed (along with the puddles of carpet glue).

The stairs were added by one of the previous owners.

The same owner probably added the side porch. Rather than cause more damage to the house, I left it on but painted it green (you can see another dollhouse "patient" to the side).

I left the tile floor "as-is" in the kitchen and bathroom.

And here is the house with temporary wallpaper, carpets and roof.

Last, but not least, here is the house as it was in 1940 something, on the evening before the opening of the house as an art studio. The patrons and their family members are gathered for a small celebration (the "original" photos):

Here are the "colorized" pictures:

Details: Star Trek, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,and Doctor Who action figures, vintage dollhouse furniture, accessories and people, Michael's embossed felt "carpets," scrapbook paper wallpaper and floors, miscellaneous eBay and thrift store finds, and all paintings by my mother, Eileen.
Thanks for visiting my blog, Neen.


  1. Wow,if that miniature will be made. it will become great. Want to own the real house.

  2. Thank you, my mother thought the mini people had had one too many!