Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Tidbits

It's been awhile, I hope all is well with you. There are 40 days (and nights) until the deadline for the Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Contest and I still haven't dug into my entry. But, my mother is in remission for her two cancers, so there is good news (and a good excuse for my delay in starting)!

Given the time constraints, I will be working on something small and I will start rolling out the project in my next post (and I will post a tutorial for the Elsie de Wolfe's chair).

In the meantime, here is my latest Dollar Tree find, pens that turn into miniature carafes, pens, and candles:

While I decide on my small project for the contest, I thought I would share some of my, too large, dollhouse collection. It is not as grand as Barbara Streisand's collection, and I don't travel abroad with my own personal dollhouse decorator in order to find furnishings (as Barbara does), but I enjoy my collection and the freedom to decorate whenever and however I choose.

My Walmer. This house needs a lot of work.

My next project is to redo it as an Art Deco period house, like this house:

These houses also need much work:

A Keystone Fold-away house with two fold out rooms. A prior owner papered it with Contact paper. When I have time, I will fix the roof and walls.

An East German Vero house, probably from the late 1970s or early 1980s.

A 1947 FAO Schwarz dollhouse. My house is still in pieces, this is what it should look like.

A 1957 T.J. Cohen dollhouse. This is one of my favorites because of its Mid-Century Modern exterior and interior design:

An "unknown" plastic dollhouse that a friend found in a thrift store. I love the MCM exterior and its modern, compact kitchen with a fold-up counter. (I wish it wasn't so pink!)

Debbie's Dreamhouse from 1964

A Rich Dollhouse from the 1940s,

An unknown dollhouse, bought for $10 off of Craig's List. Rebecca pointed out a similar one on the UK eBay. It probably is German, I love the arched doorways.

A ceramic dollhouse with a Victorian or Edwardian interior. I don't gravitate towards that style, but this reminds of the interior scenes of Sherlock Holmes's house in the BBC drama "The Return of Sherlock Holmes."

A 1930s British Triang dollhouse. This house has Art Deco fireplaces, and a wonderful hallway room and staircase. The house is built to 1:16 scale, but the doors are 1:24 scale.

Although it has Tudor markings, it still reminds of these semi-detached houses found in London's suburbs.

This is an old theater I built about four years ago, and, yes, it still needs work.

In another post I will show my Lundby collection, a few more MCM dollhouses, and my improved Art Deco bungalow.

Wishing you only good things, Neen

(A few photos are unsourced. If you know the origin of one or more of these photos, I will be happy to post it.)