Friday, April 10, 2015

Inspired by Miss Pickerel

Thanks to Ellen MacGregor, I spent many hours with Miss Pickerel when I was a child. Miss Pickerel and I went to Mars and the Moon, to name just two of our destinations.

I didn't set out to travel to outer space today, I wanted to create a scene around Megan Hornbecker's Cubed Art Sculpture that I purchased from her Shapeways store. The Cubed Art Sculpture is very futuristic.

As I was building my scene, Miss Pickerel came to visit. She asked "why not set your scene on the moon, after all, I traveled there, and you are using my living room." She was right, I wanted to contrast the Cubed Art Sculpture with something very different, and I had borrowed Miss Pickerel's (and Miss Marple's) interior decor, right down to the lived-in armchair and the suit of armor.

Writers often write about how their characters actual write their story. I have had more than one author tell me that they are often surprised where the characters lead them. That experience happened to me today. I started to create a futuristic interior around Megan's Cubed Art Sculpture, and I ended up in space, in Miss Pickerel's living room, with her cats......

Wishing you only good things,