Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween at Mr. Toad's Office

Meet Mr. Toad. Mr. Toad has called his employee Williard Bones into his office. Mr. Toad is not happy.

Mr. Toad says, "You have not met your quota this quarter, you sluggard! I would give an arm and a leg for your job, all you do is hang around!" Mr. Toad happens to have an arm and a leg on his desk (and in the urn in back of his desk).

Williard is not interested in the trade, and he glares at Mr. Toad and says, "At least I've made my bones!"

Mr. Toad contemplates this and says, "Well, you had better shape up or heads are going to roll!"

The heads are very excited about this! Stay tuned for more adventures of Mr. Toad.


Wishing you only good things, Neen

(The incredible Mr. Toad in tweeds was made by Elaine Kothe of Petite People Plus, The body parts, the heads, and Mr. Bones have agreed to appear gratis in honor of Halloween.)